“It was your idea and development of the concept, “Common Sense Safety” at the American Ref-fuel plant that led to the plant going 14 months without a recordable injury and 11 months without a contractor injury. Both of these were the best in company history!”

Joseph M Dolan – CSP, CHMM HSE Manager  Tropicana March 2010


“Few people will ever appreciate how difficult the rigging was to get an 80,000 pound economizer into an operating power plant with only a few inches clearance at many points on the route and no disassembly of building structure. Jay’s team achieved this with no safety recordables, excellent communication with our plant operations staff with no major site disruption. “

Edward T. Borer, PE, CEM, LEED AP   Princeton University  February 2010


“Choosing strategic partners are always a risky proposition. One’s initial response is to treat them as vendors, and after building trust, employees. Your work ethic, experience, wise counsel, and technical and engineering expertise has proven invaluable.”

Josh D. Costell GM and EVP Tozour Energy Services


“The job was performed with the Unit in service at a reduced load, in a safe and professional manner. The job was completed on time and the area was left clean. I would like to thank all the personnel involved for a JOB WELL DONE.”

Louis Chismar Fossil Outage Manager PSE&G Fossil LLC  June 2005


“In my years of knowing and working with Mr Sikora, I have come to admire him for his integrity and honesty. You can be sure that a job will be completed. Mr. Sikora is not afraid to honestly assess the situation and keep the client apprised of any difficulties or potential difficulties. “

Robert Spooner Environmental Manager NRG


“Let me express to you my upmost satisfaction with Jersey Boilers job that was performed. First and for most, Jersey Boiler Company completed the job safely with no safety issues. The emergency response to our issue was superior due to the fact that this plant shutdown was not a planned outage.”

Bobby Currie Mechanical Supervisor PSE&G Fossil LLC  June 2005


Please accept my personal thanks and appreciation for projects executed successfully over the course of the past few months. On a consistent basis C.G. PowerTech’s contract steamfitters and mechanics from Jersey Boiler Inc. and Millennium Services Inc. have proven to be second to none.

John T. Letson Manager of Plant Operations   June 2005


“Most importantly Jay, your prior experience as a maintenance manager makes you uniquely qualified to work at the highest level of quality and safety while keeping up the plant’s best interest at the forefront.”

Donny Blanchflower KEYSPAN  August 2004



“I would like to thank you and your crew for a very professional operation while installing our new Secondary Air System. The demolition and installation phases of the project were handled courteously and professionally and I must commend your crew for always being upfront and honest about issues and the direction of project progress.”

Richard S. Taylor Facilities manager Montenay Dutchness LLC   April 2006


“We can truly attest that Jersey Boiler unequivocally performs all around with an Outstanding rating. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with Jersey Boiler.”

Douglas Millar Dome-Tech Energy Solutions Vice President of Operations  May 2006


“I am writing you to let you know how well our boiler re-habilitation project turned out. The boiler now runs well, the gas valves and controls actually control the boiler now. Simply put “Super job” it really works as advertized. we are on line with no flame outs, no disruption of services and our alarms have been cut by 95%.”

Robert White Operations Manager Cushman and Wakefield   January 2009


“During our schedule outages Jersey Boiler not only met the return time of the station but also has return equipment earlier then expected. Jersey Boiler has not only improved our reliability but our availability to the Steam System. “

Joseph Stefl Shift Manager Con Edison   October 2004


We would like to commend you and your team for a job well done at Carneys Point Generating Plant. Your support and flexibility helped us achieve major upgrades and repairs over a short time period. I was impressed with each of the crew’s “get after it” attitude, especially with the extensive tube shield work that was discovered during the outage. “

Paul A. Wagner, P.E. Project Engineer Cogentrix   February 2005


“As a registered Professional engineer with 17 years in the industrial and power generation, I can think of no one I would rather entrust a difficult boiler or piping repair project than Jay Sikora”

Matt Palmer, PE, Plant Engineer, Calpine


“Jay is one of the most technically sound persons I have ever met in this industry as well as one of the most team oriented guys I know, one who truly cares about the development of those around him”

Dave Carroll Chief Engineer, AES Red Oaks


“ Jay is a man of integrity and drive….one who truly puts his heart into his work. When it comes to outages, Jay carefully develops a plan that is well thought-out such that all activities are coordinated thereby mitigating any potential delays. . If I learned that Jay was managing my powerhouse maintenance needs, I would be fully comfortable and glad to know things were in his hands.”

Neal Jankowsky, Lead Mechanical Engineer, Duke Flour Daniel


“Mr. Sikora is an effective and productive manager with an open communication style. He establishes a good rapport with subordinates, peers and superiors at the division and corporate level. I have found him to be a very good team player and a reliable professional”

Geoffery Frey, Operations Manager KAPL, Lockheed Martin


I have known Jay Sikora for the past 5 years. In that time I have had the pleasure to work with him in various capacities. As a co-worker, at American Ref-Fuel, Jay single-handedly affected the entire plant and the company as a whole in changing the way maintenance was performed. Jay developed and implemented systems and procedures to influence change at American Ref-Fuel. In his tenure Hay was deemed the best Maintenance Manager to ever work at American Re-Fuel. In that time he successfully managed a 5 million dollar capital budget and a 4.5 million dollar expense budget after year. He managed to break all production and continuous month of 100% availability records at the facility.

Ainsworth James Maintenance Manager American Ref-Fuel Essex January 2003


I’ve known Jay since 1990…we did many projects together…While working for Con Edison, none of the employee’s that worked for him ever had a lost time accident, which in the construction field is very impressive when you complete the task on time and under budget as well.

Joseph Leonard Chief Welding Inspector Con Edison January 2003


Jay assembled a team of people to turn the facility around. By the end of 1999, the Essex facility had gone from worst performing plant to the number one ranked plant in the company. Not only was the Essex facility ranked number one in the company, we also broke American Ref-Fuel Company records in areas of safety performance, employee turnover, and availability. In addition to company records, many plant records were also broken such as:

-       Most waste tons burned in a single year

-       Most waste tons received in a single year

-       Most steam produced in a single year

-       Most electricity produced in a single year

-       Most months without a recordable safety incident (14)

-       Most consecutive months at 100% availability (5)

-       Lowest cost per waste ton burned

Rich Molter Technical Manager American Ref-Fuel January 2003