The Outage Process- Develop an overall action plan and budget for that plan

Conceptualization- Develop an overall action plan and budget for that plan

Financial Projection/Reporting- During the conceptualization phase we will maintain individual project costs as well as overall outage costs. Pre outage we will create our Cost control dashboard™ During the outage we will maintain the Cost Control Dashboard™

Engineering- The Outage Expert will use our vast experience to design projects that meet the plants needs and that are easy to install.

Work Packages- Clearly depicting the work so that bids can be clearly understood and compared.

Vendor Selection- The Outage Expert will develop Bid Evaluations and offer the customer with its “Best Line Up” and why.

Contracts- The Outage Expert will aid in writing the contracts for the work with the plants purchasing department

Outage Planning- Determine what needs to be fixed and why.

Scheduling- The Outage Expert, once all vendors have been selected will develop and maintain a schedule for both pre outage and outage.

Outage Execution- Leading the forces in the field.

Vendor Networks- One unique aspect of The Outage Expert is that we get to see so many different plants in different areas of the country. Because of this, we have a wide vendor network and consequently, we are able to get things done quickly when needed.